Two News Feeds, two worlds or how Facebook changed -

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  • november 07, 2017

You have definitely heard many discussions recently about the new feature which Facebook is testing at the moment. They presented a new “explore feed” to all users, where you can find the content from the brands you follow. It also shows you posts which according to its algorithm are interesting for you. A new rocket ship icon was added to devices overnight and thanks to it you can find new posts which you will not find in your regular “news feed”.

What has changed?

The news feed on mobile devices and desktops has divided into 2 parts:

  • News (news feed)
  • Explorer (explore feed)



Why is Facebook doing this?

Does it want to get closer to its former “friendly” role? Or does it want to show the pages that the content they share on Facebook should be really of high-quality and interesting? In case a page wants the users to click on its content from the Explorer, the content must be indeed attractive.

Does it want us to spend more time on Facebook? By selecting the News feed and the Explore feed, users may spend more time here because viewing of two feeds is likely to take longer.

Facebook is doing this most likely because of the earnings which can be argued by showing the content in premium feed. There will be less competition and company pages will be made to boost each post.

Everything needs to be paid for! Facebook is growing at prices.

It is necessary to focus on a post promotion making companies more visible. It may have the biggest negative effect on small pages, which do not have regular and big budgets and are relying mostly on organics. Influencers or micro-influencers, who have their own audience and create a spontaneous content shared among users, can be helpful. But do not forget, influencers need to be paid too.

User has a choice

Nothing really changes for regular users because Facebook is an integral part of our lives. But it may happen that brands which we have not followed for a long time are shown in the Explore feed. Users have a chance to sort them out and leave only those which they like. This further encourages the argument of quality content. People will be picking brands as they pick their friends who they really want to follow.

Content is even more important! (More than until now)

Sharing is the most valuable form of interaction from efficiency point of view. Company pages suffer a low long-lasting organic reach and therefore they have to place emphasis on more quality content they publish. Right now, it needs to be made so that the fans share it which helps to increase its reach because it gets exported from the Explore feed to a user’s wall or to the main news feed.

Our opinion is clear

Because so far it is only a testing of a new news feed, we cannot say for sure if it is going to be a final solution. We think the feed with news will be used primarily because the Explore feed is currently full of content from pages no longer interesting for fans and they are more curious when it comes to their friends’ posts.

When designing strategies, it is necessary to think about this change and start to think about Facebook differently. Not only in quality over quantity sense but also accept the increase in budget due to guarantee of reach.


Author: Dávid Vépy