How did Mark Zuckerberg do at hearing at US Senate? (Main remarks) -

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  • apríl 13, 2018

Certainly, in recent days and weeks, everyone has captured the Cambridge Analytica case, which was about the misuse of personal data. Data, that people shared publicly on the internet, especially on social media.

Because of data leakage from the largest social network today – Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood, respectively sit, before the legal and commercial committee of the US Senate.

The purpose of this “interrogation” was to find out why these data had leaked and how to ensure that such a situation would not be repeated in the future.

I would like to highlight a few important points addressed by individual US Senators live stream I’ve watched. These comments were offered to  Zuckerberg as a suggestions for improving the functioning of Facebook.

1. Terms of service & user agreement

“Do you think that average consumer understands what they’re singing up for?” asked sen. Graham holding a bunch of papers with Terms of Service. (shortened version here)

Zuck’s response was quick, but especially sincere, as well as his whole speech during this hearing:

“I don’t think that the average person likely reads that whole document. But I think that there are different ways that we can communicate that and have responsibility to do so.”


Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana said it frankly: “Here’s what everybody’s been trying to tell you today and I say this gently. Your User agreement sucks.”  

Senator Kennedy also suggested to Zuck to tell his lawyers earning $1,200 / hour, to write this document in English rather than in Swahili, so the average American can understand it.


2. Selling data’s to third parties

Many of the senators were interested in the most important question: Does Facebook sell personal user data to third parties, companies, and brands?

Zuck answered this question vigorously: “There is a very common misconception. No, we do not sell data to advertisers. What we allow advertisers is to tell us who they want to reach and then we place their ads. So we can show ads to the right people without changing this data’s owners. This is an essential part of our business model and something that is often misunderstood. “

3. AI & Facebook

During a hearing, Zuck admitted that Facebook currently has problems with how to deal with hate speech. He also added that we will wait a few more years for the solution.

Zuck told the senator that AI is working greatly on some things, for example, to remove terrorist posts. They claim that the AI system captures them before people can see it on social media. He also claims that more than 90% of the pro-ISIS content is automatically flagged by the AI Facebook system as an inappropriate.

But hate speech is about something else, says Zuck, and with one breath adds that technology can not keep up with the language used in hate speech.

“I am optimistic, and I believe that over the next five to ten years, we will have AI tools that get into some language tones of different types of content to make them more accurate when naming inappropriate content for our systems. At this point we have not yet reached this point,” said Zuckerberg. “As these processes are automated, there will be a higher error rate than I would want. “

At the end, I would like to add a amusing situation, when Senator Dick Durbin wanted to point out the fact why this hearing happened in a first place. 🙂

You can see the entire record of this hearing here:



Pavol Kapeľuch, Social Media Manager