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Pavol Kapeľuch (Social Media Manager)

In marketing and in online world, there’s no days off even in the summer. Fortunately, thanks to this, you can now read what news has this “cucumber” season brought this month.???


Facebook seems to be trying out slightly more novel ways of ensuring brands are getting the best for their money.

Limited to its US users at launch, a new augmented reality (AR) feature will enable customers to virtually try on items “in just one click” from certain ads, including fashion accessories and cosmetics, as well as trying out AR-based games and apps.

The social network says the new update comes off Boston Consulting Group findings that 80 million people in the US engage with AR on a “monthly basis”, which that figure expected to grow to more than 120 million by 2021.

Facebook says luxury fashion retailer Michael Kors was the first brand to try out the new iteration of the ads enabling potential customers to try on a pair of sunglasses from an extensive range of styles and lens colours. Later in the year, additional advertisers in the offing to join include Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn, Wayfair and King, as well as others spanning fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture, gaming and entertainment.


As you’re no doubt aware, Facebook Stories aren’t as popular as Instagram Stories, the most successful version of the format which Facebook copied from Snapchat. But, even so, Facebook itself remains convinced that Stories is the format of the future, including on their main platform.?

At their F8 developer conference earlier this year, several Facebook executives, including Mark Zuckerberg, noted that the Stories format is on track to overtake the News Feed as the most popular social sharing option, and that will happen sometime this year.

Even thought, that Instagram Stories is now at 400 million users, and WhatsApp ‘Status’ is up to 450 million, the growth of the option is clearly evident – but Facebook Stories, at 150 million daily actives, is still lagging behind.


Facebook is testing the ability for users to cross-post single image Facebook updates to Instagram, furthering the gradual integration between The Social Network’s various apps.

Really, the option’s fairly logical – you can already create Facebook ads which cross-post to Instagram, so it only makes sense that Facebook would provide the same translation to regular posts. But a word of warning – the formatting on Instagram is different, and your posts may not look the same on both platforms.

As noted, the capacity only appears to relate to single image posts at this stage, though it seems logical that multi-image updates would also be added in future.


Instagram is testing a new option that will highlight IGTV channels in the main Instagram feed, helping to boost awareness of the option and get more users clicking across.

That’s fairly significant placement for the option – up till now, IGTV has been kept behind the new TV icon at the top of the screen, or within the separate IGTV app. This new test will enable Instagram to promote IGTV to its billion plus users, boosting its exposure and usage.

Not sure if this means IGTV is going really good or really bad.



Instagram TV is a part of our lives for more than a month and since then, we’ve seen celebrities, creators and entertainers quickly embrace the platform, sharing exclusive content with their followers. Click HERE a curated roundup of some of the best moments of IGTV from this exciting first month.



There’s an easier way to discover and unlock thousands of Lenses built by Snapchatters around the world!

To begin browsing in Lens Explorer, just tap the new icon that appears when the Lens Carousel is active. Tap a Lens tile to unlock a Lens and be taken directly to the Snap Camera, or browse Lenses in featured Stories. Unlock a Lens by swiping up on Snaps in these Stories.

Since Lens Studio was launched in late 2017, creators have submitted over 100,000 unique Lenses which have been viewed by Snapchatters over 2.5 billion times.

Want to create your own Lens? Visit Lens Studio!

P.S.: Is just a matter of time when Instagram will copy this feature as well.



Google plans to bring yet another improvement to its YouTube app to make things easier for Android users. Apparently, there’s a new swipe gesture available that will allow YouTube users to swipe left and right through videos.

The new gesture isn’t available to everyone, but a limited number of Android users have been invited to test it. If you want to check if you’re among the selected few, you can simply open YouTube and see if you can swipe left/right from the home tab.



Sunday, 15 July 2018, marked the end of the World Cup, a spectacular tournament that had people glued to their screens over the summer.

The world came together on Facebook and Instagram, with 383 million people and 272 million people, respectively, interacting across the platforms throughout the tournament

Do you wanna know what players or teams were the most discussed? ?

Click HERE, where you can also find detailed insights.



A recent study from the University of Glasgow suggested each individual dog has his or her own unique taste in music. This was music to Spotify’s ears, and the streaming service has now partnered with an animal shelter in Germany to match owners and adoptable pets based on their song choices.

The program, dreamed up by agency Serviceplan, is called Adoptify. The website features dogs available for adoption at a shelter in Munich, and notes what kind of music each dog prefers (presumably based on testing various playlists). You can watch videos about the dogs, and choose to take one home that matches your own musical tastes.

You’ll find every video HERE.


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Pavol Kapeľuch
Pavol Kapeľuch

Pavol Kapeľuch

Social Media Manager

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