Connecting the dots #21


It’s ok not to feel ok

Today’s newsletter will be slightly different but considering the ongoing 2nd COVID-19 hit, I feel like it might help. This year’s Mental Awareness Day was held in a gloomier atmosphere than usual. Data shows, that compared to last year, our mental positivity remains lower than we thought. That’s why you can find some helpful tips below on how to overcome upcoming autumn depression and anxiety from working from home.

Marketing & media

#1 We leave the Advertising Week and Festival of Marketing behind us, but the creative souls of our industry will have one more opportunity this autumn to inspire themselves. Here comes the Lions Live festival! During the 5 days conference, you will have a unique chance to hear Gold lions and Grand Prix winners talking about the best ads in the world. And all for free.

#2 If you still think that the advertising model of dividing customers into generation groups work, you might enjoy this study from Ogilvy about Gen Z. 

#3 Here comes the first, one of a kind gender neutral Adidas store. Hopefully, there will be more of them soon.

#4 During these pandemic times, brands don’t need to talk only about safety and new normal. Marketoonist feels that we should not underestimate the power of humor which might help us to connect with consumers as an act of empathy.

#5 Reportedly, behind each successful ad, there’s a brave client. Fernando Machado, CMO of Burger King decided to reveal his tips on how he judges if the idea is strong enough to shine (note: Fernando stands behind the famous Moldy Whopper campaign).

Life and mental well-being

#1 To support Mental Awareness Day, Dr. Laurie Santos who teaches the Science of well-being at Yale University shared her top 5 favorite coping tips according to science.

#2 By the way, the course I mentioned above is free and anyone can sign up. It’s a great way to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. I took this course during the first corona lock-down and I can highly recommend it.

#3 WHO has many articles related to mental health as well as statistics that might give you a broader background about this topic. Worth reading.

#4 Positive examples can increase motivation which leads to better mental balance. If you feel like you have an idea, but you’re too old to execute it, check this story of 81-years old Japanese who created her first PC game and became a Japanese IT star.

#5 Experiments with Google is a project focused on ideas that help you to find a balance between technology and emotional health. You can simply check them or submit your own.

#6 There are many mindfulness courses and breathing exercises that can boost your positivity. From 4-7-8, Wim Hof to yoga at your work desk… For more inspiration click here or try five tibetians straight away.

#7 Thanks to this application, you can give a break to a rational part of your brain and let imagination lead your creativity. This application, on the other hand, challenges you to do nothing for 2 minutes.

#8 And the last one, the laughter is the best medicine. I will give you a free hand in picking your favourite stand-up show, but my recommendation is to give a try to Son of Patricia show from Trevor Noah. It’s hilarious.

Long read of the week: NFL fans have more than a supportive function. The whole game is based on a bunch of strategy signals and unfortunately, without cheering fans, they are easily uncovered. You can read about how NFL teams deal with that here.

That’s it for this week. If you feel like someone from your surroundings might need to see the mental well-being tips, feel free to share/resend the NL. Otherwise, see you in two weeks.


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