About us

We are full service ad agency with a strong digital background, Slovak roots and international clients.

Since 2012 we provide services from the creation of corporate identity, building complex communication strategy all the way to integrated campaigns production. Thanks to continuously well performing team we know how to provide complex solutions in areas of building a brand and flexible activation outputs.

In march 2018 we opened a branch in Prague for our clients from Czech republic.

Tesco Slovnaft Slovanet JTRE METRO BabyBel Leerdammer Karička Matyšák Zlatíčko Innogy Vesely Demänovka Sunquick Budiš Ovocné sady Afri cola DARK Jablčnô Pierre Baguette Kláštorná Kalcia Platforma rodín Rádio Vlna Traco Computers
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