Digital conference you have to experience or five days in Madrid -

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  • máj 24, 2018

This time, we have decided to get new ideas and inspiration at one of Europe’s largest marketing conferences – The Inbounder 2018. Two days full of world-famous and successful speakers from and outside of digital in beautiful sunny Madrid and a few days of urban tourism? Por qué no?

This rich digital marketing conference was held in late April and it’s aim was to present the most advanced and latest ideas, strategies and tactics on how to do digital marketing and how to be a step ahead of competitors. And I think that 28 globally recognized digital marketing experts have accomplished this goal brilliantly.

Can you listen to digital trends for two days?

Yes, you can. Especially if the conference opens an SEO specialist, web guru and long-time strategist – Gianluca Fiorelli. About 30 minutes, he spoke about SEO news, specific search engine image recognition, and a lack of optimization, but he pulled me into it I must say. Also I can’t overlook Aleyda Solís – an SEO and project management expert who has outlined how to manage SEO project management and how to work with internal SEO teams. Other speakers took a closer look at how Google guides websites, rewards those that have valuable and trustworthy content, how social media “punish” content with unreliable sources, and how poorly will do those, who do not think about mobile first solutions. Others adviced on how to use voice search to build relationships and achieve conversions.

Everyone of them was great. But do you also have a tendency to choose the best one? I do and for me it was Oli Gardner. You might say, “265 slides about what a landing page should look like …?” Trust me, with his presenting skills, the only thing I missed was a bag of popcorn in my hands. You can find his presentation here, but I recommend finding his stuff on YouTube as well.

Interesting facts at the end

I believe that some of you like numbers, so we look at this Madrid “expedition” through them:

  • 2 dotcom-ers in Madrid
  • 2 days full of marketing inspirations, news and advices
  • 28 speakers
  • Approx 1 300 participants of 40 different nationalities
  • 3 days of sightseeing, walking and knowing the city
  • More than 100 000 steps taken
  • Only 1 liter of Sangria (?)

But the experience was priceless.

Michala Chlebíková, Copywriter