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  • jún 18, 2018

New functions and features on Facebook and Instagram and also some interesting numbers in online for 2018. This is summary of June of what happend in digital and what you should know about. So here you go, next batch of news coming your way.😇

News in Facebook News Feed

At F8 conference, which took place last month, Facebook outline, how it’s News Feed and algorithm will be evolved. The biggest social network wants to increase interactions between friends and link News Feed with Facebook Stories. Here’s four new features that may help it:

  • Group stories

Facebook starts testing group stories in which different users can put their photos and videos to one Stories channel.

  • Brithday stories

Stories should be enriched and refined by funcionality which is an alternative to birthday wishes. That means that wishes would be sent through Stories.

  • Event stories

This feature should gather all of the uploaded photos and videos in one Story source from an event.

  • Profile picture stories

According to stats, profile pics have the biggest number of likes and comments. That’s the reason why Facebook is trying to implement stories into them.

Facebook sees a great potential in Stories claims that soon it’ll be primary type of communication on social medias.

Facebook is testing a new feature

Like…or dislike? The possibility of Facebook adding downvoting — the opposite of “liking” — for posts and comments on its network has tickled the fancy of many users. It could be great for getting rid of those pesky fake news posts, but it could also be used for trolling and it could turn Facebook into something more similar to Reddit, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The rumors aren’t entirely unfounded: Facebook tested the feature for a small group of users earlier this year, and now it appears to be rolling it out to more users, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

Check out how it’ll work and what the CEO of Reddit has to say about this.

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook users use Facebook Fundraisers to support different causes or organizations. Facebook recently annouced two new features:

Expanding to Pages – brands and famous public figures can now fundraise for nonprofit organizations or different causes. Nonprofit pages can fundraise on their page as well.

Adding organizers – users can invite their friends to manage a fundraiser together with founder and that way they can raise network of supporters.

Ad formats in stories

Let’s stick with Facebook Stories. Since their launch last year, Facebook Stories have been accelerating in popularity, recently reaching 150 million daily users. It’s no wonder that Facebook has decided to monetize them. From now on, advertisers will be able to buy five- to 15-second-long video ads which can either be extensions of existing Instagram Stories ads or reformatted versions of their News Feed ads.

Numbers in online

In the end, let’s have a look at some numbers in online. How many messages are sent in one minute on Facebook or WhatsApp? How many hours of Netflix are viewed every minute?

Check this graph.


Pavol Kapeľuch