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  • február 05, 2018

Days are going by so fast and so are the news in the online world. We are bringing you more news from the world of online marketing. Google Places is coming up with a new release, Messenger introduced 6 new trends for 2018, Google Search will look closely at slow pages and WhatsApp is coming up with a new app for companies.

Messenger introduced 6 trends for 2018


Apps are constantly coming up with new updates. Messenger has gone through the biggest changes during its lifetime and it seems there are still many changes to come. We bring you a summary of trends for 2018.

Connection in real time

Video chats became very popular and classic text messages are becoming less and less attractive. Messenger wants to focus mainly on video chats and is planning to add new tools. They plan on new improvements for group video chats which have caught on among young users because they are able to add different emoji and masks during the call.

Groups will get an upgrade

Messenger users like to communicate together through group chats, they send many pictures and videos to each other. Facebook is planning on speeding up the sharing these materials in high quality (4K). Live video chats should also be added to the group chats. This will also be very good for companies, if they want to build communities for their brand or plan an event only for their members.

Messenger will become simpler

Messenger is currently overflowing with many disorganized components. Facebook reacted to the critics and promised that they will make Messenger simpler and more efficient because users use it mainly for simple chats with their friends. Whether Messenger will be changed for companies and commercial campaigns is still questionable.

Communication made more visual

Facebook sees a huge potential in a visual communication. Users send more and more videos, pictures and GIFs on Messenger and this trend is moving up to the business conversations which are more conservative but users want to use emoji and videos which encourage interaction.

High quality help desk

According to studies, 56% of users prefer to write a message to a company on Facebook to calling straight to a customer service. It is a great way for companies because while answering the questions they can distribute more information about the brand.

Don’t forget the marketing!

People have been whispering about Facebook’s plan and that is making Messenger the key platform. According to Facebook, people expect an added value from Messenger by means of live video or something creative. It is a great way for companies to be different from their competition and increase their popularity.

Google My Business is coming up with a new release


Liven your company profile up with a video. Are you asking why? The answer is simple – users love videos. Google is keeping up with the times and that is why they decided to open a new possibilities of how you can make your company visible.

They made recording videos into your profile accessible in Google My Business. Video can be 30 sec long and will be viewed in Google Maps, on the wall in Google My Business and of course in a local finder.

Speed matters


Google is constantly coming up with news about how it could make it more difficult for websites to get to the first places of the search.

The guys from Google simply said that the next factor would be the speed of the website. Simply put – the shorter the page load time, the better ranking you get. Well, you don’t have to worry. While website speed is a powerful weapon, Google is still preoccupied with quality and relevant content. Such page will appear earlier, even though it will be slower. Google wants to apply these changes from July 2018. Do you care for the speed of your website? Test it in the Google tool. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

WhatsApp Business!


WhatsApp launched its new app called WhatsApp Business App. Companies can use new communication functions, for example sending messages through computer or quick replies and they didn’t even forget about the statistics. The app is available for small firms in the US, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia. The app will also be available for bigger companies, but not for free.