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  • december 08, 2017

It is pretty clear that the world of online marketing is constantly changing. New functions and possibilities are added and that is why we have prepared a summary of all the news that we have been recently hearing of the most.
Facebook is saying bye bye to dark posts and is coming up with a new test tool to help us test ads. And what more, it’s going to be focused on YouTube.

Dark posts will not be dark anymore.


Are you wondering what it means? The thing is that your ads, which were posted as dark posts will be seen by an audience who it was not targeted for. All your current ad posts will be accumulated in one place, specifically under the “view ads” icon. We think it is a positive change because it opens the door for marketers to track the communication of the competition better.

Facebook came up with a new testing tool. Experiment and learn!


With ad campaigns it is very important to know what works and what doesn’t. In other words what works better and what worse. Facebook introduced two new measurement solutions which are meant to help us find the most efficient ad. You can test different creations, CTAs, headlines, or visuals. The whole process becomes easier and the given ad will be viewed only once by everyone. “Test and Learn” function will be added which will help marketers to decide which testing of elements is meaningful.

How to attract attention on Instagram? Be original and unique!


Nowadays it would be a shame not to use all the possibilities which the online world is offering us. Take into consideration the fact that we have smartphones in our hands 24/7 and rather than receiving messages from our friends we receive a great deal of notifications from social media. For example Instagram.

As one of the most used social platforms, it can help you build a large audience, which will follow you and communicate with you. Therefore, it is an inevitable tool for brands. But we don’t want to be too strict…it is not suitable for every brand.

However it is certain people want to see a nice and high-quality content will they will love, comment and come back everyday so they don’t miss anything. We should be careful to have an original name, create a unique content and don’t forget about the advertising. 🙂

Facebook has an itch for YouTube. It’s coming with Creator.


We already know videos are the most trendy content on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg himself said: “One day there will be only videos on Facebook.” But we need the useres to record them. And that’s what Facebook Creator is for.

App offers:

Live Creative Kit:
– tools for easier creation of live videos, which can be enriched by funny elements. You can easily create an intro, outro, add stickers, graphic frames..

Community Tab
-it is an inbox, which joins communication with fans from Facebook, Instagram and also messages from Messenger.

Camera & Stories
-user can add various funny effects and frames. The possibility to share to different platforms is very useful.

-of course, Facebook hasn’t forgotten about analytic tools, where you can find statistics for all Facebook owned platforms.

Facebook Creator app is available for iOS devices, a version for Android is in the making.

Let’s optimize. Facebook will help.


With the help of a new tool you can set one central budget which is divided into advertising sets. It will help to boost only the most efficient ads. What’s more, optimizing of budget works in real time which decreases the costs of results and increases the return of investments for advertising.